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Flight Dispatch Course

Next Course will start on 23/09

Who is a Flight Dispatcher?

The Flight Dispatcher is a highly trained professional who works closely with the cockpit and ground staff to coordinate and plan flights safely.

Flight Preparation and Planning

Calculation of the needed fuel, maximum takeoff and landing weights, study of the flight performance, choice of the route, load and balance…

Operational Decision

Choice of the operational decisions required to ensure the safety of the flight.

Flight Assistance

Check of flight performance and monitoring of the activity during the flight, provide assistance to the crew if needed.

Why Become a Flight Dispatcher?

The flight dispatcher is one of the most important roles in the aviation industry and can offer you the opportunity to work in evolving and highly specialized sector.

You will be responsible for planning flights and making critical decisions to ensure safety in all phases of the flight.

The demand for highly skilled Flight Dispatchers is currently growing globally, offering great career opportunities for those seeking an exciting and challenging career.

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About Us

Leaders in Flight Dispatcher training, Jester flight dispatcher school offers highly professional courses that equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed to became flight dispatchers. Thanks to our team of certified instructors and following the ICAO DOC 10106 regulations, we prepare our students to coordinate and plan flights safely, thus preparing them to embark on an exciting career as Flight Dispatcher.


Our Goals

Our instructors are highly trained and passionate professionals who have years of experience in the aviation industry. Their technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of flight procedures and aviation safety are essential to providing students with a high-quality education.

Excellent training

Our team is made up of industry professionals.

Student satisfaction

Quality is the main focus of our course.

Knowledge at a fair price

Our prices are affordable to allow everyone to pursue their dream.

Duration, Training location &
Course explanation

The course will be entirely held online with the support of our training team, who will be available for further clarification, in order to enable our students to arrive prepared for the final exam, which will be held in person.
The strength of our course lies in the flexibility of attending the lessons, allowing students to manage their time effectively.
After successfully passing the exam, students will receive a JESTER certification, which attests to their possession of the necessary skills to use professional flight planning systems adopted by airlines operating in the industry.
The exam will take place near Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP/LIMC), Italy.